The first time I saw this movie was in a theater in Paris.  The movie was dubbed into French and while I had a good grasp of the language at the time, I will fully admit I struggled to follow all of it.  When Netflix sent me a little email saying it was being added to streaming I was so excited.  I had forgotten about the movie and frankly forgot the plot since I missed so many of the details. So naturally I just had to watch it again.

Now, let me start off by saying this isn’t a great movie.  It is decent entertainment and the plot is rather intriguing.  It is a mix of the Matrix meets the end of the world.  There are rather intense and highly choreographed fight scenes, a smattering of backstabbers, love and loss, and of course a plague that almost ended humanity.  Well the plague is over and what we see is what is left of the human race.

Charlize Theron looks as amazing as ever in the movie and the costume directors took full advantage of that.  Lots of skin tight everything and highly illogical heels.  The movie is definitely a product of its time, sorry 2006 you were not a good year for fashion or trends.  And every female badass wore that outfit.  But her stunts were very killer, they did a good job not making it look like she was doubled for every shot, and well she made it look good.

While this movie is not particularly well acted, most of the characters come across as stiff and one dimensional, I still say it is worth the watch.  The set design is fantastic and imaginative, the plot is intriguing, the fight scenes are fantastic, and at about an hour and a half it is just the right length.

Love and lifetimes,


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