Oh lordy where do I even start.  Maybe at the end.  When this book ended, I sat there wondering what do I do with myself now?  How do I just go back to doing the dishes and living a normal life like nothing has happened?  This book seriously traumatized me in the best way possible.

In the end I had this swirl of turbid emotions, feelings left over from the lives of the characters and how the characters made me feel.  Even though the words stopped on the page I wasn’t ready to be done with them.  I needed more, to know where the story goes from here, to find out if they were happy or gone, to just stay with them a little bit longer.

To summarize the plot, two players are trapped in a game.  They do not know the goal and only in time do they realize who they are playing against.  Throw in a dash of magic (a debatable term in the context actually), star crossed lovers, impossible twins, and a destiny and you have the start of this book.  There are sub-plots, twists and turns, supporting characters who end up meaning more, and so many wild characters it is hard to foresee who will mean the most in the end.

At first the structure of this book threw me for a loop.  There are no long drawn out chapters, merely short bursts of scenes that rapidly change perspective, characters, and time.  The mini-chapters are blocked out into larger section, breaking with shifts in the story line and plot developments.  The reader is left to piece it all together, figuring out what is the right order of events and how do these chaotic snippets fit into one beautiful whole.  Like picking the seeds out of a pomegranate, there are easier things to do but the reward is like nothing else.

This book is unlike any other I have ever read.  It is simply an amazingly well written, complex yet believable work of art.  I highly recommend it for anyone who has even the tinest spark of wonder left in their soul.

Love and don’t turn into a tree,



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