Until recently my crafting area was less than ideal.  I had been using my grandmother’s old kitchen table with storage containers underneath it.  Side bar – round is not the best shape for a sewing table.  It is really hard to have the sewing machine far enough forward and still have enough space on either side to properly support the fabric.  Not to mention the storage containers didn’t really fit well, I had to move them around push them to the side when doing anything other than a small project.

At this point, a craft girl has a few options.  Option 1 – suck it up buttercup and deal.  Option 2 – reevaluate storage areas and retrofit/purchase new storage containers.  Option 3 – scrap the whole area and start fresh.  I started with Option 1 for a while but the more I crafted the more it didn’t work.  Then I moved to Option 2 but nothing really seemed to work.  Though out of this I did end up with some nice new storage ideas for the bathroom.  Finally I moved to Option 3.  I had looked for a pre-made table from places like Ikea, Target, and JoAnne’s.  But nothing really fit my needs.  One day, while browsing through Pinterest, I found a table that looked just PERFECT!  It had longer shelves for boxes, smaller shelves for finished products and smaller boxes perfect for crochet hooks, and it was bar height so I wouldn’t have to lean over to assemble more complicated projects.

For this I had to enlist a person who could actually use power tools.  While I can do some basic home repairs, this was out of my league.  Enter, my brother-in-law.  Apparently he got to use some fancy new tool he had just bought so I really didn’t have to talk him into it.  You can find full instructions here.  But I am going to make a few suggestions on how to make this easier on you if you decide to make one yourself!

  1. Pre-prime the wood (or stain it) before cutting or assembling. There are a ton of angles and edges that are more difficult to paint properly once they are assembled.
  2. Pay attention to where the cut ends of boards will end up. While I like the final product, my brother-in-law had to retrofit some end caps on the front shelves to hid cut ends.
  3. When painting the finished product, flip the shelf pieces upside down and paint what is the top of the shelves and flip back to right side up to finish painting. Not only will this save your arms, but it will keep the paint from dripping and make it go so much faster!
  4. Pick a durable paint. I went with a high gloss not only for looks but also for durability and ease of cleaning.  As any crafty girl knows, you have to make a mess to make a masterpiece.
  5. Make sure you allow time for two coats of paint and ample dry time before moving. At first, I thought I could get away with one coat of primer and one coat of paint but it really did need two for the best coverage.  Thankfully for me, Dad didn’t mind me taking up half of his heated garage for a week!

I am still looking for the perfect bar height chair but I did make some fun storage boxes already!  Best part, I got to use up some left over fabric scraps which had been taking up space!  As soon as I can get some good photos, I will make a post on how I made the inexpensive custom storage boxes.

Love and home improvement,



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