This past weekend my foster dog got adopted. It is a bittersweet time for most fosters as you do get attached to the little fur balls!  But at the same time you know they are going to a caring home and that is after all the point!  Now I got a progress picture of the little monster after I left her (which I loved by the way), and she was happily napping on a pillow.  Which, to be honest, would be exactly what she would have been doing with me at that time of day!

Now a lot people have said to me that they couldn’t foster animals because it would be too hard when the animals get adopted. This is a point I understand but allow me if you will a rebuttal.  While it is hard to see them leave, it is infinitely harder to watch them suffer.  By this I mean, knowing that by not opening my home and volunteering, some animals might not make it alive out of shelters/animal control/hoarding situations.  So while I cried half the drive home after dropping off Goldie, I left her being cared for, sheltered, and loved and living a great new life.

So did it stink (royally) not to see her goofy face when I got home yes? But I did my part and helped her get adopted.  So that is one more animal who is being treated the way they deserve.  She took a little piece of my heart with her when she left, but unlike when one of my fur babies has passed away, it was a happy kind of sad.  I am taking a break from full time fostering for the moment.  I need a little breather between heart aches.  But I am still going to take in temporary foster dogs, so I still feel like I am helping out in the long run!

Please don’t misunderstand; I am not saying everyone should foster animals. For some people, it truly is too difficult and there is no shame in that.  There are so many other ways to give back; you just have to find the way that is best for you.  What I am saying is that you might want to try looking at things from different perspectives if you are having trouble understanding someone’s motivation.  Some people see colors of green in different ways so the grass looks different on their side of the fence.

Love and charity is its own reward,


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