Chances are if you have followed my blog for any length of time (or know me at all), you know I am not a fan of chemical cleaners.  Correction, harsh chemical cleaners.  Seeing as how everything is made of chemicals I need to add that caveat.  I love me some Dawn dish soap, plain white vinegar, orange oil, and baking soda for cleaning.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out my DIY orange cleaner, please check it out.  I am still using the same bottle I made all those months ago on a regular basis.

OK sidebar done and let’s get back to the new post.  Now I have used baking soda frequently as a way to help scrub off stubborn grease and spots, and ditto for dish soap (well I use it for a lot other cleaning too).  While I have added baking soda to the water I am soaking pans in, I never thought to combine them together as a paste to clean.  So when I saw this pin to make a frosting consistency paste to soak stubborn items, I thought to myself well duh!  How obvious and amazing is that?

Now I took this paste and followed the instructions to coat and soak the offending item, in this case I did use the drip pan from my stove as well as the burner itself as a trial.  Now there is a caveat to the burner itself, you must be careful to keep the mixture off the end connection (the plug) for the sake of safety.  But I had a burner that was, well gross.  It is the one behind the burner I use the most often and it routinely gets coated with gunk from the Pam spray or just the normal splatter from sautéing items.  I was so ashamed of how gross it was I didn’t take any of my own pictures.  I mean really why would I, she has such fabulous photos in the pin and I am not here to recreate the wheel.

Let’s fast forward to the results.  This method, while it isn’t a magic potion, work very well.  With significantly less elbow grease than just normal cleaners I was able to get a lot of the residue off of the drip pan and the burner.  That is not to say there was no elbow grease, I still did have to scrub some but it was around 30-60 seconds each item rather than a few minutes.

To summarize, this idea saved me time and money (no new cleaners needed!) and made my house cleaner all in one.  In the Book of Betty, this one is a keeper.

Love and keep it simple stupid,



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