A few years ago I moved into an apartment that had carpeting and minimal tile.  My previous residences had all had hardwood flooring, which required a real mop and vinegar water for cleaning. Now, storing a mop and bucket makes sense when you do not own a vacuum to take up space.  But when you need a mop for just your kitchen and bathroom floors, it just doesn’t make as much sense.  So I broke down and bought a Swiffer WetJet to clean the small spaces.  Even though this went against my frugal cleaning habits.

For a while I grinned and bore it and kept buying the refill cleaner even though it just felt wrong. Why couldn’t I just refill it myself?  Man I detest not having reusable cleaning products.  It is the same thing with soap dispensers, I always buy the large refill jugs and have a reusable dispenser in my kitchen and bathroom.  PS if you are interested in a way to make a mason jar soap container, see my previous post (linked here) on how to make it yourself!

Back to our regularly schedule programing. Now if you have ever tried to remove the cap from a WetJet solution bottle you know it just isn’t as easy as twisting it off.  I had seen a few ways to reuse the bottle by cutting a hole in the top to pour your own solution in, but that just seemed impractical.  I mean you are pushing this mop all over which could easily lead to liquid sloshing out.  Not to mention it leaves a nice gap for evaporation.  Then I saw an assortment of pins to get the lid off of an old bottle with boiling water.  Which, if I could then reseal the bottle seemed like the best option!

So off I went to the Betty Test Kitchen and tried.   The first time I dipped the bottle into boiling water (for the recommended 10 seconds), it didn’t work.  So I tried again for 20 seconds.  Still no dice.  So I tried again for about 30 seconds and was able to remove the top!  I was elated!  I didn’t damage the bottle and got the lid off all in one go!

I refilled the bottle with a solution of one part water and one part vinegar (which you know is my favorite cleaning solution) and then put the cap back on. The true test was I was able to then reseal the bottle and it sealed back up while still allowing solution to be dispensed through the hole in the center as it was in a factory standard bottle.

To recap (pun emphatically intended), the timing of the submersion in hot water is not an exact science but it does work.  So if you are a fan of DIY, reusable, or green cleaning products this is an excellent way to still have the convenience of a WetJet but the flexibility of a traditional mop.

Love and simple solutions,



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