When getting ready for the day, time is the ultimate premium.  What that means chez Betty is that hair and makeup options are routine…and can get boring.  My normal hair routines involve a lot of buns, twists, dressed up pony tails, and my hair completely up.  Recently, I have been experimenting on weekends with hair ideas that are speedy and different.

This particular style is fast becoming a favorite for a few reasons.  One, braids are a totally different look than twists.  Two, it is quick to do (less than 5 minutes).  Three, the style is intentionally messy so that you don’t have to stress about perfection.  Four, this works on clean or second day hair reducing the limitations on when I can wear it.

Without further blathering, here is the step by step on how to get the look!

Step one: brush hair through and make a clean part (I prefer a side part for my face shape but a center part also works with this look).

Step two: starting at the top of your head directly above the back of the ear, use a pointed tool (like a teasing comb) to section off the front of your hair, drawing the comb down towards your ears.  Clip each section to keep it separate from the back.  If you want a little extra pop, lightly tease the hair at the crown of your head towards the back.

Step three: starting with one section, brush the section down towards your ear and make three smaller sections.  By starting the braid near the ear this makes it easiest to wrap to back of your head.  To make the braid, hold the hair horizontally to the floor and braid till there is about an inch and a half of hair left.  Tie off the hair.  Optional – you can massage the braid to loosen it up and make the look a little more bohemian.

The most critical part of the style is to not pull the braid down towards the floor.  If you braid it downwards, then you will end up having a kink at the top of the braid when you pin it back.

Step four: repeat step three with the other side.

NOTE: for the thicker side of my part, because I have bangs, I start with a French braid to hold these shorter pieces in place.

Step five: remove the hair tie from one side and wrap around the back of your head at the ear level.  Using two bobby pins, pin in an x shape to hold the ends in place.  Taking care to have the ends of the pins go under the loose hair.  Wrap the second side just below the first braid and pin off in the same x shape.  A little hair spray to finish the look and that is all she wrote!

Love and making mornings easier,


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