Spring time means I want to redecorate all the things.  But my bank account says don’t even think of it buddy.  I can usually swing one bigger project a season but that doesn’t satisfy my desire to redo whole rooms.  So naturally I turn to Pinterest on how to re-purpose or modify existing items at little to no cost to myself.

I have had these pillows for ages, my mom gave them to me when I moved into my first apartment post-college.  Confession time, they are not my style and never have been.  Sorry Mom, I know you meant well.  But they are fairly well proportioned so I have kept them and use them.  Now I have considered recovering them in the past but I am not very good at pillows.  The edging is what gets me.  I want either the invisible seam, and mine are never invisible enough.  Or I want the piping edge but I don’t even know where to start with that.

So this no sew idea is a good one for me, no need to worry about either of those problems!  Also, I have a pretty decent stash of fabric I don’t have a specific project for. I used two different fabrics for the pillows since I didn’t have enough of any one fabric that went with the chair.  The original pin calls for you to tie the fabric at the center but I wanted something flatter to lean against.

The result is a fairly spring-like effect that I am loving.

Items Needed:

1 pillow

1 piece of fabric that is about double the length and width of the pillow

3-4 safety pins


Iron the fabric before you used it for a clean, crisp look.  Step one – place the pillow in the center.  Step two – fold down two sides to overlap in the center.    Top Left Photo: Step One.  Bottom Photo: Step Two.  Top Right Photo: Step 3.

Step Three – with the two remaining sides, fold the edges into triangles as you would to wrap a package.  For a cleaner look, fold down the raw edges to hide them.  Step Four – bring one triangle into the center of the pillow and pin down.   

Right Photo: Step Four.  Top Left Photo: Step Five.  Bottom Left: Final Product.

Step Five – bring over the second side, overlapping the first triangle.  This time hide the pins under the wrapped down edge using one per side.

Love and the cheapskate way,


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