1989 might not have been the greatest year for hair, but I still maintain it was a good year for Batman.  While this might be controversial, Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman so naturally I have a soft spot for this movie.  A lot of the effects have not aged well, but that movie is still worth watching.  It is so…well Tim Burton.  I love Tim Burton.  Tim Burton + Micahel Keaton = AMAZING.  Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.

Now the parts that don’t add up right now are the special effects aren’t so special (lots has changed in 25 years), the fashions are very 80s (hello shoulder pads), and the yellow color of the Batman logo (seriously it is SO neon).  The boom box dance into the museum is a little dated too – not just the music but also the dance moves.  Straight out of Flashdance wanna be school my friends.

What has held up is the pseudo-40s flashback styling with the gravelly voiced bad cop and lax biohazard rules (very Who Framed Roger Rabbit and not meant to be accurate), Jack Nicholson (just generally speaking), and the ridiculous plot.  Nothing says timeless classic like turning a childhood favorite like balloons into a method of terror (don’t believe me?  Do you even remember It??).  The campier a movie too, the more likely it is you will still want to watch it years later.  And this movie is very campy.  What with the grandiose double crossing and supermodel girlfriends, tied together with obvious mob bad guys it is perfect.

Side bar – is it just me or is the Joker in this movie creepier without the face paint?  The creepy smile in flesh tones is just…now I have the heeby jeebies.  But a villain who loves his purple, now that is fantastic and so very 80s.  The coordinating gloves are a little much but we can allow that.

Unfortunately this pattern did not hold up well for all the movies – sorry Terminator but Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy need to be remade.

Now if we could just have Micheal Keaton Batman and Michael Caine Alfred…what a dream team that would be!

Love and gadgets,


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