Living in a rental unit, there are limits to how much I can change my place.  Which is a bit frustrating for me since I love to decorate.  Recently, I bought more washi tape and had to justify the purchase; so off to Pinterest I went!  One idea that struck me instantly was the use of tape to cover up an ugly boring switch plate.  It is non-damaging, easy, quick, customizable, and beautiful.

I used the directions in this pin minus the Modge Podge.  The glue part was going to be a little too problematic to remove and I figured moving was stressful enough when it comes to that!

When applying the tape, I didn’t make the strips too evenly spaced.  With the odd shape of the switch plate it didn’t really seem to be worth my time to measure it out.  I chose a polka dot pattern and zigzag in coordinating gold colors.  Which works perfectly with my bedroom décor that has gold and blue tones!  It’s like I planned the impulse washi tape purchase.

  The key for me was making sure the strips had enough overhang to wrap around the back.  Additionally, cutting the x-shape in the center was a stroke of genius and made the center wrap very easy.  I did poke small holes where the screws would go through to make it easier to attach back to the wall.  One lesson learned is to not push the screws too tight, it will tear and move the washi tape.  This might be different if you use the Modge Podge but I find that doubtful.

Betty gives this idea two spoons way up.  I am tempted to do all the switch plates in washi tape now – I just need to get more colors to match the different rooms.  Yes I am using this to rationalize purchasing more crafting supplies.

Love and all that glitters,



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