These scrumptious little healthy bites are deceptively healthy.  They are low fat, low carb, high protein, packed with vegetables, and best of all portable.  When I make a batch of these, they become my mid-day snacks at work precisely because they are good hot or cold and keep me full and away from the candy jar.  The addition of yam or sweet potato gives these a creamy texture, as if you had used whole eggs rather than just egg whites.  Given that these are yolk free, dairy free, gluten free, and nut free these are fantastically food allergy friendly.

I like to make these with leftover baked yams or sweet potato, less hassle than roasting them just for this recipe!  I also prefer to sauté the vegetables a bit just to remove some of the water, otherwise the texture is a bit off for me.  It is simply a matter of preference.


10-12 egg whites or one 16 oz carton of liquid egg whites

½ diced bell pepper

¼ diced onion

½ cup mashed yam or sweet potato

Salt and pepper to taste

¼ cup shredded cheese (optional)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and grease a muffin tin.  Option – add cupcake liners to the muffin tin for easier clean up.

In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together egg whites and yam/sweet potato till it is incorporated.  Add peppers, onions, salt, and pepper and mix quickly.  Fill the muffin tins about half way full (approximately ¼ cup of the mixture).  Option to top with shredded cheese (I use Daiya pepper jack for a little extra pop).

Bake for about 20 minutes until eggs are set and just brown on the edges.  Careful not to overbake or they will get rubbery.

Makes 12 muffins for about 6 servings.  These can be served hot, cold, or even room temperature.  I like them room temperature like a quiche with a dash of hot sauce and some salsa.  If I am feeling really crazy, I will even throw on some cilantro and lime juice.

Love and tasty treats,



2 thoughts on “Egg White Muffins – With a Twist

  1. So does this mean that tomorrow we get a recipe for something totally decadent to do with all of the extra egg yolks? (Mmm… custard… creme brulee… or even homemade mayo…)


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