My little puppy is a spry little girl, that is when she feels like moving.  You see she isn’t technically a puppy anymore as she will be 14 YEARS old in May.  But that doesn’t matter in my mind.  She will always be my puppy.  I will call her a puppy no matter how old she gets.  Really, I will call any dog a puppy.  It is a form of denial that dogs grow up at all – that is a slanderous lie they spread since they can’t stand to see people happy.  Don’t ask me who they are, I haven’t figured that out.  So is puppy a state of mind (of the dog or the owner) like being a kid at heart?  I think the answer is resoundingly yes.

You see Penny joins me in my childlike glee of popcorn and forts.  She loves to run across the air mattress for some reason.  And she never begs for people food, unless it is popcorn.

She also puddlestomps with the best of us.  Seriously, she will jump into streams chest deep and splash her way around.  The look on her little face when it rains, and she gets to go splashing, it priceless.  Matches mine since I get to go with her.

Now we cannot forget that being a kid at heart means enjoying treats.  Myself I am a fan of peanut butter and chocolate.  Penny is a fan of a different sort of treat.  She goes gaga over vegetables.  It is strange.  She will run away with lettuce, zucchini, and sweet potatoes like I am going to take them away from her or something.

But then again, I sneak my Reese’s so I don’t have to share too.

So puppyhood, like adulthood, is a state of mind.  Little P-Monster has mastered the art of being a good dog most of the time but still knows when to break out her inner 5-month old.  I mean, she may nap most of the day but really what adult hasn’t dreamed of that?

Love and pep in your step,



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