I have been following Clean My Space (Melissa and Chad) on YouTube for a while now.  I have even used some of their cleaning tips and product ideas before too!  But I had never done their system of cleaning – the three waves – from start to finish.  After a busy week and weekend of too much crafting (ok that is a lie there is no such thing) and too little cleaning my living room was a disaster.  It needed some attention in the worst way.  The bird cage needed help, there was dust all over, the carpet had dog hair everywhere, and there was crap out on like every surface.  This was the perfect time to try this out.

Wave One is to declutter.  Which I did in 25 minutes.  I told you, craft crap everywhere.  This step alone made a massive difference.  Everything was now in the right spot, trash was disposed of, and anything that didn’t belong in room had been moved to where it did belong.  I even sorted through all my mail as part of this step and filed it appropriately.

Betty Note – Melissa recommends going in a set direction (like clockwise) and starting each wave in the same spot.  This means you don’t need to guess if you did do something and you don’t get as distracted from the goal.

Wave Two is to clean.  This step took me about 25 minutes.  I didn’t just dust from high to low and wipe down surfaces.  I cleaned the bird cage, windows, and mirrored doors plus watered the plants.  Considering it usually takes me 10 minutes to do just the bird area that ain’t bad!

Wave Three is floors.  I have just carpet in my living room so there was no need to break out anything but the vacuum for this step.  Normally, I don’t always break out the edge tool and get all the nooks and crannies but I did this time.  Which is why it took me 10 minutes to vacuum a small space.

For this process, I used all my normal cleaning products and tools (microfiber clothes, all-purpose cleaner, duster, and vacuum).  But the results are better than normal.  In part due to the fact that having the system for each wave and moving counterclockwise.  I know I was much more efficient in getting the clutter dealt with as well more consistent in cleaning all items.  So in 1:00:23 I went from a stress inducing disaster to a pristine and organized space.  In the past this room alone could have taken me 2 or more hours to get to this state.  I call this a win!

You can find a full blog on the process at http://cleanmyspace.com/routine-clean-your-room/  and I highly recommend their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/cleanmyspace) for ideas and motivation!

Love and efficiency,


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