I am going to be that person.  Caveat – until May 31.  You know the one who asks a million questions at the restaurant.  Questions like what ingredients are in (insert every item on the menu here) and can I get that with vegetables instead?  I am not sorry one stinkin bit.  You see me and Seestor (that is the Betty family spelling of sister in case you were wondering) are doing the Whole 30 challenge.

What does that mean?  Mostly no grains, dairy, legumes, processed foods, alcohol, or sugar for 30 days.  What it doesn’t mean is that I won’t still have a coffee date with my besties.  Or go out to dinner.  I will just be a wee bit longer in placing my order.  It also means I might be a little cranky cause I had a bad day and want wine or (ok fine and) chocolate.  But I won’t have it because then I would have to start over.

It also means you will probably be inundated with photos of the delicious yet nutritious things I am making.  And let me say there have already been some good ones.  I mean who doesn’t love avocado on their omelets?   Or pesto dressing on their chicken salad?  So brace yourself, food taunts are coming your way.  Hopefully  I will have a few new recipe posts for you too!

So why am I torturing myself?  Well simply because I was stuck in a bad habit rut and needed a giant kick to the gluteus maximus to get back into healthy eating and moderation.  Yes I said moderation is the goal of the extreme food challenge.  You see, if I can make it 30 days without any of it I can re-teach my brain and body that we don’t need it often (or in some cases at all).  Like do I really need that piece of candy at 10am?  Or is it really a bad day and I want to unwind with a glass of wine?  Because there are levels of bad and some don’t require wine.  It could just be habit to pour a glass as I start to cook dinner.  (OK fine it IS habit but I am in the process of breaking that habit).

Which brings be back to not sorry.  You see, if you are annoyed by my Instagram posts of delicious things that are mostly vegetables, just don’t look.  I am trying to improve my mental and physical health by proving I can indeed do it.  If only for 30 days at a time.

Love and tough,


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