As part of my Whole30 I decided I needed to spread my culinary wings a bit.  Recipes, even those that met the criteria, were to be put on the back burner till the end forcing me to try new dishes.  I was inspired by an Instagram post sometime around Cinco de Mayo for this scrumptious looking braised beef and peppers dish.  I found the name but not recipe.  Naturally off to Pinterest I went to find a recipe.  Find one I did, and for the crockpot too!  Huzzah!

The full recipe is here:

Now as you may know, I rarely follow the recipe to the letter.  What can I say, I am a rebel without a cause.  This time the changes were fairly minor.  I used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, beef stock instead of bullion, and I omitted the peas.  Oh and I served this over smashed potatoes…but more about that in a minute.

Recipe review – scrumptious.  Hands down, this will be added to the regular menu.  The beef fell apart at the slightest touch.  The vegetables were cooked down into this rich sauce.  The au jus was aromatic and just the right touch to lighten up the dish.

Back to those smashed potatoes, we all agreed they would have been amazing had we used the au jus as the liquid in them it would have been even more drool worthy.  But the regular smashed potatoes were also fantastic.  To keep them Whole30 I used some of the cooking water and a chili garlic olive oil with a pinch of salt in case you were wondering.

Sadly I was too busy enjoying this instead of taking a photo, but can you blame a girl?  The meal was dished out in bowls with the potatoes forming the base, layered with the beef and veggies, and topped with a touch of cilantro and a spritz of lime juice.

Love and happy taste buds,


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