Guys have I talked to you about the game changer that is sweet potatoes?  Or yams, I like both.  Either way, mind blowing.   I mean you can roast them, mash them, stick them in a stew (yes I am channeling my inner Samwise with that one) but best of all…you can TOAST them.  Oh you read that right…TOAST.  Now as someone who cannot have wheat bread is sort of non-standard in my house.  I am not a fan of most gluten free bread and many of them don’t agree with my stomach anyway.

But darn it all sometimes a girl just wants a sandwich.  Even a nice open faced sandwich.  With a little egg, maybe some avocado, dash of hot sauce…YUM.  Well fear no more you can make little sweet potato slices of “bread” and have your sandwich!  I am seriously kicking myself for not learning of this sooner.

Now the process is easy.  Slice a sweet potato into about ¼” thick slices.  I made rounds once but you can go lengthwise too.  Put in your toaster on high and let that contraption work its magic!   Now I use a toaster oven (because they are infinitely superior to regular toasters) and had to run my “toast” through 2.5 cycles to get it browned on the outside.  Which coincidentally enough is enough time to fry up some eggs!

So deny yourself sandwiches and toast no longer, get the ultimate bread and use a sweet potato!

Love and you luscious little thing you,


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