OK y’all I have a rant to get out there.  Let me start by saying, I love most of you Minnesotans.  I (usually) do anyway.  But you stink at driving.  Like a-freaking-lot.  Specifically this rant is about your inability to perform a zipper merge.  It is really not that difficult.  Use both lanes till the point of merge and then take turns merging into one lane.

Now I know I am not the first person to complain about this.  I know there were multiple articles in the local papers about how to merge and why.  If you google it even Wired articles pop up on how bad Minnesotans are at actually zipper merging.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed locally or by out-of-state visitors.  So for the sake of national reputation please start learning this powerful driving tool

After all it reduces backup times for everyone, who doesn’t want that?  With all the road construction we already have enough back up times and delays.  Do we really need to add more with idiotic driving?  I didn’t think so.

I know you new drivers have learned it in driver’s education too.  So please please please educated your parents and teach them the joys and benefits of it.  I am so stinking sick of being honked at, cursed at, flicked off, and generally not allowed to merge when I get up to the front of the lane.  Because y’all this is one case I am so right and you are so darn wrong.

Love and commuting,


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