This review is part of my online shopping binge last month.  During that spree my favorite lounging pants bit the dust in the worst way, the inner seam split.  (Curvy girl problems right there that is always the first spot to wear out).  This is not a good look, or a comfortable wear.  So I let my favorite podcasts talk me into trying MeUndies.  I heard the promotion on Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed In History Class, and Sawbones.  All three raved about the underwear and how comfy the lounge pants were.  So I decided to give both a try.

Both articles of clothing were just as soft as promised I have to say that that.  However, these underwear are not for my curvy girls out there.  The brief style underwear pinched in the leg holes.  Like I had literally got my undies in a bunch.  The leg space was just too small for my body even though I ordered a size up (size is based on your waist measurements).  I wore these once, and I honestly think they will forever be shoved to the back of my drawer.  I just cannot bring myself to go another day being that uncomfortable.

The lounge pants I had slightly better luck with.  Again, they are very soft.  I love that they have pockets too!  But there are a few major downfalls that will keep me from purchasing another pair, although I do still wear the pair I bought.  First, the curvy girl curse strikes again.  The fabric between the thighs started to pill almost immediately.  Thanks friction.  These pants are also not made with us hobbit sized individuals in mind as there is so much fabric between the crotch seam and the waist band that I have to pull these up to my natural waist to make them comfortable and not bunch weirdly.  Urkel would love these though.  The third item is not as big an issue but these lounge pants are billed as unisex…but the fly is sewn shut.  Why have it if it is sewn shut?  I just don’t get it.

In conclusion, if you lean towards the lean side of the body spectrum and/or are tall these might be a good fit for you.  The fabric is very soft and I did have excellent customer service.  Just as a short and not skinny girl, the MeUndies products are just not for me.

Love and nothing ventured nothing gained,


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