I recently took the time to pepper my favorite skincare expert with questions that, let’s face it, we all want to ask but haven’t had the nerve.  Skin is our largest organ, so we need to treat it right.  Amber is the CEO of Amber Budd Atelier as well as a Licensed Esthetician Manager and Master Makeup Artist.  You can find more of her tips and tricks on her blog at http://www.amberbudd.com/ including videos on makeup application!  Her video on setting concealer is a total game changer; that is not an exaggeration.

In addition to being a certified expert in all things skincare, she is a fellow lover of color (we have spent many happy visits going over our favorite colors with her sharing eyeshadows and me talking yarn).  Huh, maybe that is how we each got into our respective crafts.

So let’s get down to business and get a little clarity on a topic that affects us all!  Questions by me are in bold, and her responses follow.

What are a few things you wish your clients would stop doing?

First I’ll start by saying – I get it, breaking habits is HARD. But I promise you the results are worth it. STOP. PICKING. YOUR. SKIN.  And, for the love of Pete, stop tweezing between brow waxes. I can tell – don’t think I can’t.  If you want great brows…not good brows, great brows, you have to trust the process, and really listen when I say don’t touch.

Also, always take your makeup off before bed. It will keep your skin younger, longer. That one switch has made a huge difference in many of my clients’ lives.

Don’t wear waterproof mascara daily. If you must have something waterproof, come see me and get your lashes tinted. Waterproof mascara is so drying and causes breakage with overuse.

What are some of your favorite current makeup trends?

My favorite current trend is that trends exist, but it’s really about making your own choices. Blue lipstick? That didn’t come about just because…someone chose it, and others followed suit. Do what you want, and own your beauty choices.

As for classic trends, I love dark lips for fall and I’m seriously loving long wear nail polishes. I hate the damage from traditional gel polishes, so the long wear versions from Revlon and Essie are rocking my world right now.

(Betty Note – I tried the Essie long wear for my brother’s wedding recently and I love it.  It dried quickly and even with all the damage of dishes and hair and makeup and all that goes with wedding prep my nails didn’t scuff or chip at all.)

Trends I don’t love?  Tons of makeup.  If I can’t see the texture of your skin, you’re probably wearing too much makeup unless you plan to be onstage today. And yes, I absolutely realize this makes me in the minority, but so be it.

What are your favorite sources for inspiration (not Pinterest but fashion designers, non-makeup artists, etc.)?

For non-traditional sources I look to:

  • Flower gardens, specifically botanical gardens. Whenever my husband and I travel, we seek out the gardens for me to take hundreds of photos.
  • Butterflies and butterfly gardens.
  • This is going to sound creepy, but I promise I don’t mean it that way – kids’ skin. Their skin cells turn over so much faster than mine do now (age, yikes!) so I’m always looking at where the light hits them, and how I can replicate that glow in my makeup applications on myself and my clients.

For traditional sources of inspiration I look to art galleries, movies from the 40’s and 50’s, and runway shows.  But I don’t look to the makeup on the runway very often. I’m always looking at the clothing and structure of the clothing and trying to figure out how to transition that into makeup – Marchesa, Dior, Ralph and Russo, Cavalli – these are the shows I watch. Glamour. High fashion. Using fabrics in interesting ways to create drama, texture and shape all inspire me.

What are some dangerous trends to avoid (like those DIYs you see all over the internet)?

Making your own skin care.  There is a reason skincare products are created in a lab – they are balanced to help the skin, not harm it. Do you know how much acid is in that pineapple mask you just put on your face? How do you know it won’t cause a mild chemical burn?

And this is my biggest soapbox…please, please please do not get plastic surgery and fillers until you’re in your late 20’s or 30’s at the earliest. Muscular and bone structures are still forming until your mid-twenties. If you’re filling your lips with injections when you’re 16, your body doesn’t have the ability to form the way is it supposed to naturally, causing your body to become dependent on that filler. Which means you’ll potentially need the filler/injectables the rest of your life. Please don’t do it, I promise you, you are beautiful the way you are.

Love and a verified source,

Amber and Betty


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