Let me start by saying, I missed this.  It has been ages since I sat down to write, even something short and simple, and coming back to it is like meeting an old friend for coffee.  You don’t always realize you missed them till they are in front of you.

The last few weeks have been busy on multiple fronts for me.  I have definitely been stretching my boundaries.  Some of that went very well, some not so much.  But hey, I tried something new.  It has me feeling a little like Jack Skellington realizing he is indeed the Pumpkin King. Because you see I really did give it my best and some of what didn’t work out pushed me back to my old passions with renewed zeal.  I have taken a 20 hour teaching certificate for Hot Power Fusion yoga, taken a six hour class on coding, taken more responsibility (and thus more time) on projects at work, and even taken on a foster dog (who was adopted just this past weekend, for the second time, gosh I hope this one sticks!).  The yoga was fantastic, but teaching is still something that terrifies me.  The coding was…well I managed to finish the class but I would be lying if I said it was a pretty ending.  The foster dog was freaking adorable but holy Hannah was that a rough go for us between vet visits and being returned from his first adopted home.

What has slid to the back of the line for me has been writing, sleep, major cleaning tasks, a lot of workouts, and non-crochet crafts.  The crochet was even debatable for a while but having orders due to people is an excellent motivator.  I do thrive on having actual deadlines for things.

What I found interesting about what I dropped by the wayside, is what I DIDN’T drop by the wayside.  For starters, I never stopped cooking meals for myself that I enjoyed.  In fact I have tried out more new recipes this past month than I did in the past six months.  I am on a bit of a vegetarian kick (ok a lot of one to be honest) and have really been enjoying menu planning and trying out new combinations.  I think my favorite dish has to be peanut Buddha bowls with baked tofu, broccoli, and carrots.  Stay tuned for a write up on that, I am still fine tuning some of the process.

Reading has been there for me this whole time too. When I am too tired, I cannot watch TV.  It just feels like too much effort.  I can however, read a book without a problem.  My goal for the year was originally 40 books (based on last year’s 36) but given that I just finished book 41 my new goal is 50.  Even if I can only squeeze in reading for 20 minutes over lunch, I find that it really does help me be a happy more contented person (to quote Clairee Blecher).

Another thing that didn’t get left in the dust has been my hair and makeup.  Maybe it is because I can have that done in 20 minutes, I feel that those 20 minutes of me time are worth it.  Or maybe it is because their effect lasts all day long rather than just the time spent actively applying makeup.  Though the purple accents to my hair were planned months ago, I am really loving the timing.  While I haven’t been trying anything too crazy I am remembering why I have so many colors of eyeshadow and how much fun a straightening iron can be.

Now while this is all very interesting to probably only me, I say it as a way to jump back into all of my life one step at a time.  For while I could cheerfully give up most cleaning (if I could afford to hire someone to do it for me) a lot of what has been so sadly let go of needs to be picked up again.  For my own sanity, for the sake of my health, and for everyone around me.  For a lot of the items on my drop list – like writing and non-crochet crafts – feed my soul.  And having an empty soul means I have less to give out to those who need a little boost of their own.  Regular workouts and sleep are fairly self-explanatory thing…but I have noticed some troubling side effects that will (hopefully) go away once I get my schedule back to something reasonable.

Step one, writing!  Step two, I am off to bed at a reasonable hour.

Love and absence makes the heart grow fonder,


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