I am going to be real with you sweeties, I hadn’t cleaned my oven in a positively shameful amount of time.  As in if I heated my oven too high (over 400 degrees) it would smoke, that acrid kind that stings yours eyes without much visible smoke.

I turned to the every wonderful store of information called Clean My Space.  That place is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and shortcuts.  I digress, slightly.  Now I was trying something else for the actual oven (side note I do not recommend relying only on baking soda paste to clean the inside of your oven) but I needed something for the baked on crud on the racks.  I really did not want to scrub those.  Like not at all.

The process was simple and required only common household cleaners (full write up here).  Can we say “win” any louder?  Now Melissa (I like to think I can call her that; it is like we are friends after all those YouTube videos I have watched), recommended powdered laundry detergent which I didn’t have.  I used Tide Free & Gentle with a hearty amount of baking soda for grit.

The basic rundown of the process is to soak the oven racks in the bathtub with the laundry detergent and then do a final scrub to remove the last little bits.  The basic review, is oh my graciousness this works like a charm.

Now I will let you in on my few little comments on the process.  First, make sure the bottom of the tub is fully covered by the bath towel.  It slipped when I was cleaning and I had to remove some scuff marks from the bottom of the tub.  Second, dump the baking soda (if you use it) directly over the racks and not under the faucet.  Otherwise, the baking soda clumps at the end of the towel and doesn’t make it entirely to the racks.  Third, use a sponge you want to toss at the end of the process.  The built up grease and other things I don’t want to contemplate do a serious number on the sponge.  It is easier to just toss than clean it.

In summary, I will never use a different method for cleaning my oven racks ever again.  This was simple, effective, free of harsh chemicals, and low-effort.  Now if only I could find something this easy that would clean above the broiler.

Love and lazy,


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