So this post is a wee bit late, but it will still entertain!  As I am sure many of you can relate, this holiday season kind of snuck up on me.  And of course some little germ factory got me sick so between the cold, the parties, and the “oh holy cow this has to be done before year end” work I got a wee bit behind on some blog posts.  I will do better…next year.  Which would sound worse if it wasn’t four days away.  Oh heck, I have a ton to do before then!

Onto the best time of the year.  Cleo and her performance as Whore in the Drawer!  Again this year some of the ladies at work and I had a little secret Santa/elf on the shelf of sorts.  There were a few plot twists with this showing.  Cleo gained some minions this year as there were just too many of us for her to get around to everyone.  If that doesn’t make you giggle, I don’t know what will.

Instead this year, Cleo went to one lucky person and everyone else passed out one of the minions.  Along with the usual assortment of party necessities that our little Cleo is known for.  I went with the cheapest minions I could find in true Whore in the Drawer fashion.  Downside, my Amazon recent search history is messed up.  Like majorly.  No I do NOT want Bratz dolls.  Oh well, it was for a worthy cause.

Back to Cleo and her spawn.  Some of them hid in dark corners behind curtains of office supplies.  Tricksy little minions.

Some were out in plain sight, no shame in their game.

Some were on the run from the law, goodness only knows what they did this time!

And some kicked off the party with a sucker punch from the drawer.


We never knew when these little saucy helpers would show up, that was all part of the fun!  Much cackling was had, much candy too.  Keep an eye on your drawers, you never know when she might commander them,

Love and drawer space,


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