Two pieces of administrative news to start this post.  First, I love dairy but dairy gives me hives.  Second, I miss good yogurt more than I miss cheese.  At least I can have small amounts of goat cheese or harder cheeses without a reaction.  Yogurt on the other hand is almost instant itch.

When I first went diary free (mostly) I started looking for a good alternative.  Years ago, it was beyond awful.  I mean instant toss in the garbage after one spoonful awful.  And I hate wasting.  So I suffered in sulky silence.  Until recently.  All of a sudden I found a glut of new non-dairy options in the yogurt department and did a happy dance worthy of Pharrell.  I bought a lot of them.  Like all the ones I could find in all the flavors I could find.  I found some wicked good ones, and a few do not pass go toss directly into the garbage.

The winners:


Silk Dairy Free Yogurt (all flavors): this one is a good substitute for the Yoplait’s of the world.  It has a thinner, smoother texture and is definitely sweet.  The nutritional value is decent but it does have a lot of sugar and not a lot of protein.  PS the peach mango is my favorite.


d-1Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative (blueberry flavor): this one is the best Greek style yogurt…
without the dairy.  The tang is still not perfect but the flavor is close.  Like traditional Greek yogurt, this one has a higher protein value and a thick, rich texture.  But there is a big caveat to this.  The blueberry is the only flavor that is worth it.  The peach is bland and the black cherry is downright gross.

The losers:

So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt: this one is really borderline in part because it has a very strong coconut flavor.  It is fairly similar to the Silk Dairy Free Yogurt, but is not anywhere near as good.

So Delicious Greek Style Yogurt: holy moly this is the worst of the bunch.  The texture is like gelatin.  The flavor is bland.  And, to top it off, it has almost no protein.  Which isn’t that the point of Greek yogurt?  Well the texture with the protein is the point, and my point is it has neither.

I hope this post can save your taste buds and your wallet (because dairy free is not cheap).  I will always be on the lookout for new flavors and varieties so make sure to let me know your favorites or recommendations to try next!

Love and research,


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