Murder mystery?  Check.  Double agent spies?  Check.  Twisted family legacy?  Check.  Random James Bond-esque Russian plot twist?  Check.  This book has all the positive starts of a good book.  Well let me clarify, good as in entertaining.  After all a person needs good entertainment that isn’t always highbrow.  We all need an escape and this book is certainly it.

Why do I say that?  Well, the writing is addictive.  This is the kind of book you do not want to put down and come back to days later.  You want to read massive swaths at a time and devour this book in as few sittings as possible.  It is 645 pages long (intimidating I know but trust me on this one) but I read it in four sittings.  That averages to about 160 pages a sitting.  Even at the fast pace I read, that is a lot of time to sit down and just read.

The plot is not simplistic yet it is easy to track.  There are twists and turns, you are left guessing but it is not so complicated that you have trouble following it.  This is achieved by following a few key characters and sticking with them.  By only tracking a few characters, your exposure to too many different points of view is eliminated.  Being exposed to only the information these characters know lets the reader follow the clues and try and solve the mystery with the character.

This book almost makes me want to go to Siberia.  Almost.  I say that as it is forecasted to be below zero tonight and I am a freeze baby.  That is how good it is.

Love and let’s listen to Trans-Siberian Orchestra,


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