I feel a wee bit guilty for calling this a recipe.  It is really more just combining ingredients together.  But I don’t feel guilty enough that I won’t post it!

I started adding pesto to my sweet potatoes when I was on the Whole 30 challenge last year.  It was a way to mix it up and have the rich pesto taste without the paste (which is not allowed on Whole 30).  I still add the pesto now simply because it is delicious!

You can make your own pesto like I do, or you can use store bought depending on what you are comfortable with.  I like to make my own pesto so that I can keep it dairy free and mix up the flavors.  Lately I have been really into cilantro pesto with almonds, which goes great with the sweet potatoes.  This recipe from Simply Scratch is a very good one, I simply omit the cheese and add an extra tablespoon of almonds.

I roast my sweet potatoes whole, usually on a baking sheet to prevent my oven from getting sticky if the potatoes burst.  For a medium sized sweet potato, about two inches wide by five inches long, roasting at 400 F for 45 minutes does the trick!

Once roasted, simply slice the potatoes in half and lightly smash the flesh with a fork.  Top with pesto and serve!  I use about one tablespoon of pesto per potato.  This is a great side dish to really anything.  I like to serve it with roasted chicken and asparagus.

Love and classics with a twist,


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