Ok fine, I know it sounds a little weird but trust me on this one.  Orange juice in oatmeal is DELISH.  If you haven’t tried it already either, put orange juice in place of milk on your granola.  So stinking good.  This version of overnight oats is delightfully refreshing and fruity.  The fruit juice somehow lightens up the meal yet you still have all the lasting power of the oats.  I like making this for breakfast when it is particularly hot out.  Add a few hardboiled eggs on the side, and you have a hearty (but cold) breakfast.

Ingredients for one serving:

½ cup oatmeal (not quick oats – these will get too soggy)

1 cup orange juice

½ banana, sliced

5 strawberries, quartered or halved depending on size


Place all ingredients in a jar and either stir or shake gently to combine.  Place in the fridge for at least eight hours but can be left for up to three days.

Love and just trust me,


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