On a spur of the moment trip to a different co-op, I found some new (to me) dairy-free yogurt!!  So naturally I had to get a few flavors to try.  I only got two flavors from each brand but they each had at least four varieties.  As sometimes the flavor of the yogurt can affect the texture, I don’t like to base my decision on just one sample.  If you have tried these brands, but in different flavors, let me know!

Both of these brands were up there in price, so if you are looking for a more affordable non-dairy yogurt go read my original post as it has some of the more commonly available brands.   I have only found the two brands in this post at health food stores.  The original post has more brands you can find at a standard grocery store.

Good Karma Dairy Free Yogurt

Overall I give this yogurt a pass.  The texture is like jello and I hate jello.  It is rather gummy and not really creamy.  Which, creamy is the point of yogurt to me.  The flavors are good – they actually tasted like blueberries and strawberries.  I was able to eat it (unlike some of the ones in the previous post) but I will not be buying it again and I am going to have to pass on trying the other flavors.

Forager Cashewgurt

The name is a bit punny (my brother-in-law kept saying bless you after reading it) but don’t hold that against it.  It is actually creamy and rich.  It isn’t a greek yogurt texture but is slightly thicker than say a Silk dairy free yogurt.  The blueberry flavor was just so-so in my book, but the lemon was fantastic.  It took a second for my tastebuds to figure out the flavor as it is lemony and tangy and creamy.  I will definitely be getting that flavor again.

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