I first watched this movie years ago.  Then I promptly forgot about it.  I was not sure why I forgot about it really since I did enjoy it (even if Matthew McConaughey is in it).  I have almost always been a fan of World War II films.  I used to watch Memphis Belle with my … Continue reading U-571

Batman: the movie

1989 might not have been the greatest year for hair, but I still maintain it was a good year for Batman.  While this might be controversial, Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman so naturally I have a soft spot for this movie.  A lot of the effects have not aged well, but that movie is … Continue reading Batman: the movie

Legally Blonde – A Stream of Consciousness Review

The other day, I decided I needed a little Legally Blonde in my life.  I hadn't seen the movie in a while (years probably) and I was in the mood for some good mindless entertainment.  Fairly certain when you look up good mindless entertainment, a poster image of Legally Blonde is right next to it.  For a little twist to … Continue reading Legally Blonde – A Stream of Consciousness Review