Altar of Bones by Philip Carter

Murder mystery?  Check.  Double agent spies?  Check.  Twisted family legacy?  Check.  Random James Bond-esque Russian plot twist?  Check.  This book has all the positive starts of a good book.  Well let me clarify, good as in entertaining.  After all a person needs good entertainment that isn’t always highbrow.  We all need an escape and this … Continue reading Altar of Bones by Philip Carter

My 2016 in Books

I set a goal for myself last year – not a resolution, I don’t do resolutions – to read 40 books in 2016.  For those of you stat geeks that is about 3 ½ books per month.  Seems doable right?  Well for someone who reads as an escape it is.  Right around August I realized … Continue reading My 2016 in Books