Cleo Has Escaped!

To quote George Takei, Oh My!  Our favorite Holiday Ho has escaped and is taking Vegas by storm!  Something tells me that town won't be the same.  I know the bartender at Hogs and Heffers won't be forgetting her anytime soon! She is quite the little drinker our Cleo, I have made jokes about drinks … Continue reading Cleo Has Escaped!

2015 Whore in the Drawer – Part 2

My oh my our favorite morally challenged lady is on the move!  Apparently the last location was not drawer like enough for her shenanigans.   She did do some fairly extensive remodeling to this space between the hot tub and the candy decor, she really sugar coated the place! This time she even brought friends … Continue reading 2015 Whore in the Drawer – Part 2