Tofu “Egg” Salad

A number of years ago, a coworker gave me a recipe for tofu “egg” salad that I really enjoyed.  I did post  version of this back in 2015, but I have made some changes to this in the time being.  This version is slightly creamier and more acidic with the addition of the lemon juice. … Continue reading Tofu “Egg” Salad

Banana Bread Cookies

Each month, some friends and I get together for dinner.  We rotate who hosts so that no one is required to cook all the time.  This tradition has been going on for about eight or nine years at this point.  Over time, it is fairly easy to figure out what favorites are.  In this case, … Continue reading Banana Bread Cookies

Lentil Soup

In the interest of full disclosure, this recipe is NOT originally mine. The main author of this recipe is Heidi. I have made my own tweaks and changes to it over time, but really this idea her genius. And I do mean genius because a soup this simple and easy to make should not be … Continue reading Lentil Soup