Souped Up Guacamole

Dear Avocado, You make diary free not miserable, you add amazing flavor to enchiladas, you work for every meal and snack times in between.  You go on toast, on eggs, as guacamole, with orange slices…I have to stop before I drool on my keyboard. Like many of you, I adore avocado.  The moral of this … Continue reading Souped Up Guacamole

Berry Overnight Oats

I realized it has been a while since I made a post about oatmeal.  Now you might ask, well what is so great about oatmeal?  Umm only everything.  I am not talking about boring old oatmeal.  I am talking about flavorful, filling, and creamy overnight oats.  This berry version is a lot like having berries … Continue reading Berry Overnight Oats